Autumn Photography tips for canvas printing

Its that time of year again when the leaves turn orange and red and brow and they start to fall in the sky like little angels making the floor and forest look bright and colourful. Autumn is such a great time of year for take photos if you are a professional photographer, especially if you like to print your photos on to some wonderful looking canvas printing masterpieces as the great modern day printers can print such amazing colours and they can replicate that stunning autumn look.

autumn canvas printing

The great thing about Autumn 

The really great thing about autumn is that its not to cold for you to go out and capture some great photos. yes its not as warm as it was in the summer but then again its no where near as cold as it will be when winter hits home. If you love taking photos then you will love taking pictures at this time of the year as there is so many photo opportunity to be had and if you take lots of pictures then you could chose a couple to decorate your home with. Or if your looking to do a family photo shoot then you could pick your time. Autumn and then choose the location, ideally somewhere there is lots of tress so you can capture the beautiful leaves in the background, or foreground depending on where you are.

Setting the scene for some amazing looking canvas printing photos.

canvas printing pictures

Here is a great example of what you can achieve from an autumn style picture. If you plan well and set the scene then you can end up with results like the above picture. One other thing to remember when taking photos for the purpose of canvas printing is that you should try to leave yourself some background at the sides of your photo. This helps when it comes to the editing stage later on, it helps if you are framing the photos you took from that beautiful day in some photo frames or indeed if you are transferring your pictures on to canvas prints then its better if you leave that extra background for the stretching and framing stage so that the professional canvas print maker can wrap your photo around the frame without loosing any important parts around the stretcher bars frame, for example you wouldn’t want any important people being wrapped half way around the frame. Its good to plan how and where you take your photos, it can make all the difference and you will be so happy and so amazed with the results.

Have you taken any Autumn photo lately, post your ideas and picture here. i would love to see them.

6 Black and White photography tips

Here is some tips to help you capture great black and white photos. You could be focusing on an art project or you could be shooting a wedding day, what ever the occasion these tips below should steer you in the right direction.

1. The first and most important thing to remember when taking any landscape or portrait photo is that you should check all sides of the lens before taking your photos as you might take a great photo and think you have the perfect shot but then when you get home and check it and edit it, it then turns out that you by mistake got another person or an animal or car or object in the shoot to.

2.  One really great tip is to try and see the photo in black and white before you have taken it, one great option about taking photos is that the image is already in colour so if you don’t like it in black and white then you can leave it in colour and see if you like that effect.

3. Create a contrast black and white print. By doing this you are best to get a photo with low light, that way you can play around with the brightness and contrast at your own will. You can then create the sharp and bright contrasty image you were looking for.

4. When looking to take a black and white photography picture you should always try to capture an image that has lots of different tones to it. if you have an image that just has a couple of tones then when transferring it to black and white it will appear to be mostly one colour of grey or black. you should try the capture lots of different colours light and dull to get your perfect black and white effect.

5. Take your photos in RAW if you are trying to get the pinnacle of black and white photos. Your camera may not shoot in Raw but if it does and you have the software to use the Raw files then im sure you will be amazed by the results if you just give it a try.

6. Lastly keep an eye on the weather. if you find yourself in a gloomy day and there are lots of clouds overhead then this is the best chance to get great low contrast black and white photo, for you to then have a play with on your computer when you get to the developing stage. Lots of fun to be had with Black and white photography. I hope this helps you on getter a great looking black and white picture.


Having fun with canvas printing

Canvas printing is so much fun. you can achieve such beautiful works of art by using the form of canvas prints and printing specialist in this trade. Canvas printing has been around for so many years now and is still one of the top wall decoration to have in the home. from thin to thick wooden pine frames to amazing stunning vibrant colours, You can go wrong when it comes to turning your own photos into artwork.

canvas printing

You can utilize canvas printing in so many ways. For example if you are looking for that special present for the someone you care about then you could surprise them and show them how much care, effort and attention you have taken on there present by getting a personal photo of them and the  transforming it into a great looking canvas picture. Or another great way of using canvas prints would be if you are looking for decorate your own home with lots of artwork or if your looking for something different then you could take some of the photos you really like and ask a canvas printing workshop to transfer your photos on to canvas for you, then you will have such a great looking and modern feel to your home once you have hung them up.

art on canvas prints

One other amazing way to look at canvas printing si that if you have some artwork that you really like and you want to give it away for charity or just want another copy of it for a different room in your home then you could scan you own artwork into your home computer and then get the printing and magic made from the inkjet printing people and have them make you up a fantastic replica of your art.

Making canvas prints is loads of fun and you can make so many happy memories by printing some old photos onto canvas or even if you just want to freshen up your home, what ever the story and how ever you feel about some photos, they can always benefit when being printed onto a large format canvas print to hang nicely in your hoe for all to see.

English Holiday photography

The Land of the united kingdom is such a beautiful place to visit and to experience as a great holiday. there is lots of great locations to visit if you like to take photos or if your are a serious or amateur photographer there is plenty for you to see. Taking photos is one of the best things you can do in life. it captures that moment for you to be able to look back on it for time to come.

devon_cornwall photography

Cornwall and Devon are both such a lovely place to visit, the beaches are soft and white and the sea is a lovely turquoise blue colour. You will notice that the more north you go in England the darker blue the sea is, Scotland is also very dark when it comes to the sea but it make up for it with the extremely beautiful landscapes it beholds. Both Devon and Scotland have such great photography opportunity for anyone that is eager to capture sheer beauty. Many photos such as this are perfect for a spot of canvas printing in and around the home.

The great thing about Cornwall is you will get lots of gaps in the coast which creates mini beaches, a bit like the below picture.

cornwall beach photo

One thing you tend to notice when you visit such beautiful places like this is you may come across a lot of artists and painting of this beautiful land. The striking views that this stunning land gives just simply makes people want to get there paint brush out and start painting, weather they are good or not it doesn’t matter, its the passion they share for the land they live in. A lot of the artists will print there own artwork and may have a small stall where you can purchase there pictures form them, they might even have some canvas prints to that you can obtain from them also. It would be so nice to take home a lovely canvas printing souvenir to remind you of the such lovely place you visited in great Britain.

Have you been to any awesome location in England that you would like to speak about?


Weddings and Photography canvas prints

Its that time of the year when we all have a great day at a friends or relatives wedding, Or you might be lucky enough to be the one getting married. Have a great day is the key to have a happy life with your new married friend. One important aspect to getting married is being able to remember the day as much as possible and one great way of doing that is by having a professional photographer there with you on your special day.

wedding photography

Wedding Photo decorations

The great thing about having a photographer at your wedding is that they will be able to give you some advice on how to have your photos developed. They may ask you if you would like a photo album, this is a very popular choice as you can have all your photos of the day in one place and it makes it much easier to see all those memorable moments. Another great idea with your wedding photos is choosing the best parts of your day and having those printed on some canvas prints as its such a lovely way to appreciate the very special times you had on your big day. Its also lovely to see your wedding photos printed this way in your own home, it gives you a personal touch to your home decoration and it also radiates that brilliant time you had on your big day to.

Being yourself

On your big day the best thing you can do is be yourself. you should focus on have the biggest and most wonderful day of your life and let everyone else do any work that needs doing, don’t worry if everyone has there drinks or if they are have a good time, its down to you to have the best day of your life, this opportunity only comes round once so its great to relax and let your photographer capture your whole event for you.

Think about how your photos will look

Its good to let your hair down on your big day but its also good to have an experienced photographer that can put you in the right places for the right kind of photos. they should be able to get your background needed for a lovely photo moment, there lots of great local photographers around so take your pick. The best thing to probably do is to check there most recent work so that you can be sure that they have the correct experience to complete your very one off and once in a life time day.

Have you had any wedding photos made in to wall art recently? I would love to hear about it.

Personal Posters

Printing pictures is such a great pleasure we can adore i our lives. Its so fun to be able to have a personal poster print made and then personalised inside your own picture frame to then be hung up in your home or office area.

avengers personal poster DC-Super Villains Persoanl Poster

Super Hero Posters

Its great to be able to express yourself in what topic you like by printing on all different types of printable media. Just take super heroes for an example. if you really love batman or spider man or any sort of super hero then its great that you can have pictures like these printed as personal posters to hang up to show off to friends and family. And not only that but its great if you are decorating your kids bedroom and you want to create a super hero theme for them, then super hero posters could be the thing for you to make that bedroom look colourful and fun to be in.

Posters in a range of shapes and sizes

As we know posters are great, and its good if you are able to customise your poster print so that it suites your decoration, not just the colours and the image but the size needs to be right to so it fits in with the wall space you are decorating. Depending on what printer you use for your poster printing you should be able to get a poster as large as you need it. most printers will be able to offer you at least A4 size up to A1 size. You can also go really big and really small to with poster printing.

Posters for trade

Posters are really popular in every shape and form. If you are trading as a printer business or even if you just want to advertise your local trade in some shops near you then poster printing can be such a good way to advertise your own services for your local area. You could make up a little design on your home computer and ask a local printing specialist to print some posters for you or you could get yourself a little printer for your home and purchase small A4 size sheets of photographic poster paper and print it yourself to.

Photography landscape poster

Photography landscape and portrait poster printing

Another great use for poster printing would be to print your photography photos as poster prints. If your a professional photographer or an amateur or even just love to snap photos all day that totally fine. You should be proud of the art you make and you should feel the need to show it off to the world.

Have you taken any great photos recently that you would love to have printed as posters?




Creating canvas prints with your Pets

Creating canvas prints with your pets is such a lovely thing to do. If your an animal lover then I am sure you have lots of great photos of your little favourite friend all around your home. Pets come in different shapes and sizes these days. you can literally print any image or any pet on to a canvas print, you could even give a your pet a present for its birthday of a canvas print showing how much you care to. Here is some ideas below to show you how great a canvas photo looks with your pet on it.

cat on canvas print  pet on canvas


canvas prints and pets are both a great combination to have in your home decor. the canvas print is a very well loved wall decoration to have as it offers a tone of art and modernness to the home along with adding a personal touch, in the case your little pet. All pets are seen to be photogenic and can always offer the cutest photograph which makes it easy for you to choose which photo you would like to have printed into artwork.

Most canvas printers will give you the opportunity to see a proof of your pet via a digital image before printing it on to canvas, If you email them your pet picture first ans ask them the questions you would like to know, for example what size you best suit the image or would it look better in black and white, what ever the question you should ask the experts for there advise as it will do your canvas print wonders and will give you great results to.

What sort of pet do you have? and would you like to have your pet showcased in your own home?


The best type of Printers for Canvas printing

Canvas printing is a such a great way to express your self and your photos throughout your home. I’m pretty sure that you will probably know someone that has a canvas print in there home in some shape or form. Canvas artwork is also a popular choice for showing off a gifted artists work or simply some abstract work. But have you ever wondered what is the best printers to use for canvas printing and what the top printers use in there day to day lives?

Different types of canvas printers

Printer for canvas printing

First up is a phenomenal printing machine. its the Canon IPF9880. This large formate printer prints up to 60″ across and as far as the eye can see. If you are serious about canvas printing and you want to print some very large canvas prints then this is the one for you. it has the latest technology in terms of high UV inkjet pigment ink and its computer software is a very late and powerful piece of kit.

A great printer and prints bigger

larger format canvas photo printing

Next up is the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 64″ printer. This printer is one of the best when it comes to quality and speed. If you have a big job lot of canvas prints that need printing then this is the printer for you. This printer even has 9 inks that are all the latest Epson vivid range, the colours of out of this world amazing that it produces.

Lots to Choose from

There is plenty of awesome printers that can produce great looking canvas pictures and canvas, Getting a machine that can print as large and as colourful as the above two is your challenge. the above two printers are the best in the market for printing on all kings of media, they even produce such good looking posters and photos printing to.