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Collage Photo canvas prints

Have you ever thought about putting some of your favourite photos on canvas prints for decoration in your home? Sometimes its can be a hard choice choosing what photo you would like to have printed on canvas. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could use all of the photos that you love and have the printed onto one single canvas print. that way you have all the photos that you so dearly love all in one place and its a very cost effective way of decorating your home to. It save you from having to get lots of canvas photo prints of individual images.

Collage canvas prints

Here is a great example of a collage canvas print. As you can see there is many different photos highlighting an amazing event, you could do this for weddings or birthdays, Christmas time, or even if you have been on holiday you could could pick out some great photos of the fantastic time you had away and then once printed as a canvas photo collage print you will be able to see your whole event in front of your eyes.

Professional collage photo printing services.

As photos are such a big part of our lives and so is the internet, there is now the option to go to photo specialist on line and ask them to print your photos as a collage. Its an  easy process and doesn’t really take that long. Once simple way of doing this would be to email them all of your photos that you would like printed and then ask them to make you a collage up form those photos. or another good way would be to go to a website on line that converts your photos for you as there is plenty of brilliant software out there these days that can do this for you.


Landscape and Portrait canvas photos

Canvas photos

Photography is such a big part of our lives and it influences how we look at certain things and brings through creativity and flare. Choosing weather to have a landscape image as a main centre piece in your home or a portrait photo can be a tricky task. Below is some ideas to help you decide upon which would be the best option for you.


Having a portrait canvas photo hung up on your wall can say a lot about a persons personality. Portraits usually look good when you have a picture of a person in them, hence the word portrait, And also if its hung in a certain place in the home. Usually this style of picture doesn’t suit being placed over a fire place and can look a little odd. Its best to have it hung were there is only so much outer border so that it looks like it belongs in that place. for example if you hang your canvas photo between a door way and another door way then it will look great like in the picture below. Another good place to hang a portrait canvas print is in your hall way.

wall art


Having a landscape print in your home is also another great way to show of your photos. When it comes to canvas prints you can select any image you like to have printed. if your looking to decorate your living room or any room that has a large wall in it then opting for the landscape option should be the choice for you. If you select the landscape orientation then you can cover more wall area in the room you are decorating and you can also show of more image with a landscape photo to. For example when taking a photo if you have lots of trees either side of your sight then taking a landscape photo is the best way to capture everything all in one photo rather than having lots of portrait photos trying to capture the same image.

Photography with canvas prints

If you are a photographer and you love taking photos then you would have heard about canvas prints and how great they look in your home.

Most people have a camera on your phone these days so we could all say that we are photographers of some sort. From selfie’s to snapping  up some great shots of friends there always an opportunity to capture a funny or awesome photo for the memories book.

Canvas Prints

Editing pictures together to create a stunning looking canvas print is also another artistic way to bring different image together like a collage to make a work of art masterpiece. Printing your photos on canvas prints is very artistic to. You can achieve a high standard of workmanship and art blend simply by printing your image direct to either 100% cotton canvas or if you’re looking for a more modern feel then a ploy cotton canvas may the best choice for you but ultimately whatever canvas material you do choose for you photography photos, I’m sure they will look great once printed.

different canvas rolls for canvas printing


If you are a fan of vibrant colours from your photography and always want to achieve the most popping colours there is then you could always find the best printing available at Personal canvas prints. They use top quality printers and inks so you are always going to get the best possible canvas print out there. We all want the best for our photos. Even if you are a perfectionist and you are a little picky as to what you want the finished item to look like. You can always put your faith in the printers of this age to get the perfect resemblance of your colours and artwork. That’s the beauty of it. Just sit back and let modern day technology take control as its true beauty in the making. Printer and photography are the perfect match for each other.

Different Colour effects for your canvas prints

If you are planning on decorating your home and really want to wow your family and friends then creating a canvas print from your photos could be such a great way to show of your photos of your loved ones.

There is quite a few different types of effects you can achieve from your photo before having it printed. For example if you have a colour picture then it would look like the below image.


The modern day colour photo looks really great but if you want to try something different like a black and white style canvas photo then this is what it would like.

0000174 coloursplash

The black and white look is so great and its a very popular choice for canvas printing to. If your looking for more of a vintage look for your wall art then choosing a sepia style canvas print for your home may be the option for you.



Checking if the colours are right for you

As you can see there are big advantages of changing the colour of your photo to create a spectacular effect for your canvas artwork. If you ask your canvas printers to check your photos and have them email you some proofs first so you can see what your image would look like before its printed and then you will be able to get some kind of idea as to how you would like it and were it would hang in your home.