Creating canvas prints with your Pets

Creating canvas prints with your pets is such a lovely thing to do. If your an animal lover then I am sure you have lots of great photos of your little favourite friend all around your home. Pets come in different shapes and sizes these days. you can literally print any image or any pet on to a canvas print, you could even give a your pet a present for its birthday of a canvas print showing how much you care to. Here is some ideas below to show you how great a canvas photo looks with your pet on it.

cat on canvas print  pet on canvas


canvas prints and pets are both a great combination to have in your home decor. the canvas print is a very well loved wall decoration to have as it offers a tone of art and modernness to the home along with adding a personal touch, in the case your little pet. All pets are seen to be photogenic and can always offer the cutest photograph which makes it easy for you to choose which photo you would like to have printed into artwork.

Most canvas printers will give you the opportunity to see a proof of your pet via a digital image before printing it on to canvas, If you email them your pet picture first ans ask them the questions you would like to know, for example what size you best suit the image or would it look better in black and white, what ever the question you should ask the experts for there advise as it will do your canvas print wonders and will give you great results to.

What sort of pet do you have? and would you like to have your pet showcased in your own home?


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