English Holiday photography

The Land of the united kingdom is such a beautiful place to visit and to experience as a great holiday. there is lots of great locations to visit if you like to take photos or if your are a serious or amateur photographer there is plenty for you to see. Taking photos is one of the best things you can do in life. it captures that moment for you to be able to look back on it for time to come.

devon_cornwall photography

Cornwall and Devon are both such a lovely place to visit, the beaches are soft and white and the sea is a lovely turquoise blue colour. You will notice that the more north you go in England the darker blue the sea is, Scotland is also very dark when it comes to the sea but it make up for it with the extremely beautiful landscapes it beholds. Both Devon and Scotland have such great photography opportunity for anyone that is eager to capture sheer beauty. Many photos such as this are perfect for a spot of canvas printing in and around the home.

The great thing about Cornwall is you will get lots of gaps in the coast which creates mini beaches, a bit like the below picture.

cornwall beach photo

One thing you tend to notice when you visit such beautiful places like this is you may come across a lot of artists and painting of this beautiful land. The striking views that this stunning land gives just simply makes people want to get there paint brush out and start painting, weather they are good or not it doesn’t matter, its the passion they share for the land they live in. A lot of the artists will print there own artwork and may have a small stall where you can purchase there pictures form them, they might even have some canvas prints to that you can obtain from them also. It would be so nice to take home a lovely canvas printing¬†souvenir to remind you of the such lovely place you visited in great Britain.

Have you been to any awesome location in England that you would like to speak about?


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