6 Black and White photography tips

Here is some tips to help you capture great black and white photos. You could be focusing on an art project or you could be shooting a wedding day, what ever the occasion these tips below should steer you in the right direction.

1. The first and most important thing to remember when taking any landscape or portrait photo is that you should check all sides of the lens before taking your photos as you might take a great photo and think you have the perfect shot but then when you get home and check it and edit it, it then turns out that you by mistake got another person or an animal or car or object in the shoot to.

2. ¬†One really great tip is to try and see the photo in black and white before you have taken it, one great option about taking photos is that the image is already in colour so if you don’t like it in black and white then you can leave it in colour and see if you like that effect.

3. Create a contrast black and white print. By doing this you are best to get a photo with low light, that way you can play around with the brightness and contrast at your own will. You can then create the sharp and bright contrasty image you were looking for.

4. When looking to take a black and white photography picture you should always try to capture an image that has lots of different tones to it. if you have an image that just has a couple of tones then when transferring it to black and white it will appear to be mostly one colour of grey or black. you should try the capture lots of different colours light and dull to get your perfect black and white effect.

5. Take your photos in RAW if you are trying to get the pinnacle of black and white photos. Your camera may not shoot in Raw but if it does and you have the software to use the Raw files then im sure you will be amazed by the results if you just give it a try.

6. Lastly keep an eye on the weather. if you find yourself in a gloomy day and there are lots of clouds overhead then this is the best chance to get great low contrast black and white photo, for you to then have a play with on your computer when you get to the developing stage. Lots of fun to be had with Black and white photography. I hope this helps you on getter a great looking black and white picture.


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