Autumn Photography tips for canvas printing

Its that time of year again when the leaves turn orange and red and brow and they start to fall in the sky like little angels making the floor and forest look bright and colourful. Autumn is such a great time of year for take photos if you are a professional photographer, especially if you like to print your photos on to some wonderful looking canvas printing masterpieces as the great modern day printers can print such amazing colours and they can replicate that stunning autumn look.

autumn canvas printing

The great thing about Autumn 

The really great thing about autumn is that its not to cold for you to go out and capture some great photos. yes its not as warm as it was in the summer but then again its no where near as cold as it will be when winter hits home. If you love taking photos then you will love taking pictures at this time of the year as there is so many photo opportunity to be had and if you take lots of pictures then you could chose a couple to decorate your home with. Or if your looking to do a family photo shoot then you could pick your time. Autumn and then choose the location, ideally somewhere there is lots of tress so you can capture the beautiful leaves in the background, or foreground depending on where you are.

Setting the scene for some amazing looking canvas printing photos.

canvas printing pictures

Here is a great example of what you can achieve from an autumn style picture. If you plan well and set the scene then you can end up with results like the above picture. One other thing to remember when taking photos for the purpose of canvas printing is that you should try to leave yourself some background at the sides of your photo. This helps when it comes to the editing stage later on, it helps if you are framing the photos you took from that beautiful day in some photo frames or indeed if you are transferring your pictures on to canvas prints then its better if you leave that extra background for the stretching and framing stage so that the professional canvas print maker can wrap your photo around the frame without loosing any important parts around the stretcher bars frame, for example you wouldn’t want any important people being wrapped half way around the frame. Its good to plan how and where you take your photos, it can make all the difference and you will be so happy and so amazed with the results.

Have you taken any Autumn photo lately, post your ideas and picture here. i would love to see them.

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